Avoid the Courtroom During Your Divorce

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Don’t subject your children to the disagreements you and your spouse are embroiled in. When you choose Attorney John C. Valliere, Esq., we’ll discuss issues openly in order to find a resolution that satisfies both parties. Attorney Valliere has mediator certificates from the University of Connecticut Labor Education Center and the Quinnipiac Center on Dispute Resolution. You’ll have the opportunity to work with a trained mediator in Uncasville, CT to arrive at the best arrangement for you and your family.

3 reasons to choose mediation over litigation

3 reasons to choose mediation over litigation

Rather than arguing, let’s reach an agreement through communication and understanding. Mediation is preferred to litigation as way to reach an agreement because:

  1. Cooperation via mediation can ensure a better relationship after the legal matters are settled.
  2. Divorce mediation is often less time-consuming than taking things to the courtroom.
  3. Both sides are more likely to honor an agreement that was settled by open negotiation with a trained mediator than a decision made by a judge.

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